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deadline. many are running late in revising their plans to deal with accidents. >>> and china's new president is promising a better future for his people and a stronger nation. but xi jinping will face challenges as he tries to turn his dream into a reality. welcome to "newsline." disaster management officials in japan have released statistics they know are shocking, but that they hope will help people prepare. they say damage from an earthquake that's expected to hit any time could reach 2.3 trillion dollars in a worst-case scenario. that's more than twice the current national budget. scientists warn the nankai trough south of japan's main island could trigger a magnitude 8.1 earthquake. they say the probability of it happening sometime in the next 30 years is 70% to 80%. disaster management officials say in the worst case scenario the quake and resulting tsunami would kill more than 300,000 people. nearly 10 million others would need to take shelter because electricity and water supplies would be disrupted. officials say damage to housing, businesses, factories could top $1.5 tril
people are starving is bound to face self-destruction. >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. james tengan is in beijing covering our series china, change and challenge. james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing occupant there? >> reporter: yes, gene. li keqiang and xi jinping are expected to be confirmed as vice premier and president at next week's national people congress. chinese government officials are trying to show they are doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. the country is in the process of a leadership transition. james tengan is in beijing covering developments as part of our series, "china, change and challenge." james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing out there? >> reporter: yes, gene. xi jinping and li keqiang are expected to be confirmed as china's president and vice premier next week at the national people's congres
of the situation. historically anti-china sentiment has been strong within vietnam. the government there has in the past tacitly allowed public protest against china. but in december 2012, authorities in hanoi broke up a street demonstration apparently over concerns about antagonizing beijing. the vietnamese government now faces a challenge to appear strong in defense of its people, and territorial claims without pushing china too far. >>> china's chiez news spokes person hong lei justified the actions. >> china has unquestionable sovereignty over the parcel islands. the boat was engaged in illegal fishing. the action is justifiable and reasonable. >> he add ed the people involve ed said they did not damage the fishing boat. hong declined to confirm if shots were fired and whether the chinese vessel was a warship. >>> chinese president is in south africa to attend the summit of the brics emerging economies. xi jinping wants the chinese government to enhance ties to compete with the u.s. and other industrialized countries. this will be the first time president xi will participate in an intern
of leaders. china's national people's congress is under way in beijing. over the next two weeks, communist party members will fill key positions in the new government. now barring any major surprises, these two men will lead that government. xi jinping is set to replace wen jiabao. li keqiang will likely become premier. as part of our special series "china change and challenge," james tengan is reporting from beijing. james, in addition to these political appointments, delegates are also discussing a range of issues, one made international headlines has been the air pollution. what's the air been like since you arrived? >> reporter: well, it's only my third day here, gene, but i've already seen a huge contrast in the air quality. on monday the sky was blue and the air seemed clean but this morning it was hazy and i could actually taste the pollution. you know, this is one of the most visible side effects of china's rapid development over the past 30 years. a leading chinese specialist in respiratory diseases said last month the air pollution here is more dangerous than sars because nobody
. >>> inflation tops the list for china's central bank chief. he's put off retirement to help oversee the economy. hello i'm yuko fukushima and this is "asia biz forecast." for many this past week the central focus was the central bank. the bank of japan welcomed a new chief and opened the door to a new era of monetary policy. haruhiko kuroda was sworn in wednesday as the new boj governor. he took over a day after masaaki shirakawa stepped down, kuroda bringing an end to more than a decade of inflation. prime minister shin bow abe it requires closer coordination between the government and the central bank as well as a boj chief willing to undertake bold monetary easing. by all accounts, kuroda is his man. >> translator: the japanese economy has been struggling with deflation for nearly 15 years. the greatest mission of the central bank is to end deflation and achieve the inflation target of 2% as soon as possible. >> cue row do da has said he believes the boj can achieve the target within two years and says he'll use every tool at his disposal to make that happen. >> translator: the bank of japan
of a leadership transition. nhk world's james tengan reports from beijing on china's reaction to north korea's latest moves and the other challenges facing its next generation of leaders. >> reporter: xi jinping is expected to be confirmed as china's president and premier li keqiang next week at the national people's congress. it looks like the situation on the korean peninsula will be their first major foreign policy challenge. chinese government officials are trying to show they're doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads prevail. >> translator: the relevant countries should show calm and restraint so we can avoid any further escalation of the situation. >> reporter: hua chunying says china is carrying out u.n. resolutions consistently and is fulfilling international obligations. north korea's response to the latest round of u.n. sanctions has put china on edge. officials in beijing want to avoid driving authorities in pyongyang into a corner which could result in the regime's collapse. they fear
. this will also contribute to labour mobility in china. ji[speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] >> translator: we also need to pursue a reform to promote social fairness. we will review and eliminate those regulations so that transparent rules will trump hidden rules. at the same time we will allow private capital to more smoothly and effectively enter financing, energy, railway and other factors. we will pursue reform in the social factor so as to promote upward mobility. in some universities in china, the share of rule of students is quite low. we need to gradually raise that so as to give hard-working rural students hope. [speaking chinese] >> translator: we need to focus on key areas and ensure overall coordination. we want to pursue comprehensive reform, covering all factors. so as to make this clear to the goal of socialism with chinese characteristics. [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] >> translator: the fact that in pursuing reform we now have to navigate on china's water when we also to confront some protracted problems. this is because will have to shake up that interest. sometimes
and pledged to defend the south china sea and the country's sovereignty. share in the enthusiasm and they welcomed a top diplomat. china's maritime activities are not only a japanese concern. he said those anxieties are shared across the region. he underscored the importance of relations between japan and china. he said he hoped talks might lead to more understanding. the foreign minister said indians have various issues with china and they, too, are trying to settl their disagreements. >>> japan's defense minister has concerns about china buying jets and submarines from russia. the first meeting tuesday was with the russian ambassador to japan. referring to china's recent contract for the purchase of new russian fighter jets and sub marines. he told the russian ambassador china has nearly quadrupled its defense budget over the past ten years. he said, this is raising concern among neighboring countries. heaid russia has frequently cooperated with china on defense and the contract conforms with international rules. saying japan hopes to push ahead with defense cooperation with ru
no further than the territorial dispute in the east china sea. for these reasons, we must shift away from the old approach, which unnecessarily divided the region and separated economic engagement from our political engagement. the old way of doing business is not only cumbersome, but it is becoming less relevant. tomust somehow find a way reinvigorate our engagement of asia, not for fear that we may be left out, but rather we must engage so that we can once again move the focus squarely back to economic prosperity. this notable shift and focus in trade to nationalism frankly worries me. thereat's why i believe must be some urgency to this. we have seen the alternative before. there are no winners in arms races. i selected asia as the destination of my first overseas trip to send an unmistakable message that the region is critically important to the united states. i was hartened by the warm welcome that my ranking member and i received in japan in taiwan and in the philippines, in china and in south korea. during our visit, three issues dominated our discussions. north korea, territorial
that old 401(k) to a fidelity no-fee ira. >> stahl: no one symbolizes china's rapid 30-year rise from the backwaters of communism to the second largest economy in the world better than real estate developer zhang xin. what's interesting about her is that while we think of china as being uncreative, repressive, and as far as you can get from the american dream, she breaks every one of those stereotypes. she's a mogul who got her start not in china, but on wall street. but she missed the great wall, so she went back home, and made it big. the mogul, zhang xin, is the fifth richest self-made billionaire woman in the world. >> zhang xin: this is us, the one outside, that one is us. >> stahl: she's pointing out her buildings. with her partner husband, she has built more of beijing than almost any emperor in china's history. how many buildings have you and your husband built? >> xin: oh, a lot. >> stahl: you can't even count them, right? >> xin: yeah. >> stahl: wherever you look, you see the company logo, soho china, on one cutting-edge skyscraper after the next. as a developer, xin pays sp
>> hello and a warm welcome to the "journal" coming to you from dw. china's outgoing premier announces record government spending at the opening of the national people's congress. >> one of the world's most important, show's opening in geneva with vw introducing its new concept car. >> and in world soccer, the champions league finals. the chinese premier has made his final address to the national people's congress as the country prepares for a transition of power. >> he listed what had been achieved for the past 10 years and set ambitious targets for the next decade including boosting economic growth, tackling corruption and addressing economic inequalities. >> the change in leadership in china's communist party takes place once every 10 years. president hu jintao will also step down. >> for the last time, the chinese president opened a session of the national peepers -- peoples conference. xi jinping is set to take over as president. it is also outgoing leader wen jiabao's last conference. >> this year's economic growth target of around 7.5% is necessary and appropriate, and
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. >>> people in china and elsewhere are paying close attention to high-level meetings under way in beijing. communist party delegates have gathered for their annual national people's congress. this time around, they'll be choosing the top leaders who will likely guide the country for the next decade. xi jinping is widely expected to become president and li keqiang is set to take the position of premier. people in china are taking a look at a wide range of issues, and so are we in our special series "china, change and challenge." james tengan is leading our coverage from beijing. james, premier wen jiabao spoke tuesday about issues they have to tackle. how did npc members react? >> reporter: hi, gene. members of the congress got straight to work. they divided into subcommittees to talk about the issues premier wen brought up in his speech. the men expected to control china after next week also took part in the discussions. communist party chief xi jinping joined representatives from shanghai. he said courage is needed to
>>> transition of power. xi jinping becomes president of china and now controls the country, the military, and the communist party. welcome to nhk world "newsline." xi jinping is now the face of a nation of 1.3 billion people. representatives from across china have confirm him as their country's new president. they voted during the annual session of the national peoples congress in beijing, completing a leadership handover that began last fall. xi jinping replaces hu jintao who was president for the past decade. last fall, he became the communist party's general secretary and chairman of the central and military commission after the party's congress. he now holds the highest post in the government, the party, and the military. president xi was born into privilege. he takes over china at 59 years old. after spending decades working his way up the political ladder. he's one of china's so-called princelings. the term is used to describe children of senior communist party officials. his father once served as vice premier. xi jinping was sent to work in the countryside during the
spokesperson expressed concout tpp expanding without participation of china. she stressed that the process of integrating the economy in the asia pacific region must be carried out step by step. the chinese government has so far not shown its willingness to participate in tpp. but it apparently hopes to benefit from the high growth across the region. that's by expanding the free trade zone covering the asean nation, japan, south korea and other countries. prime minister abe's announcement has gotten mixed response from business leaders and lawmakers in japan. japan business federation chairman kuroda welcomed the decision to join the tpp talks. he said the prompt decision based on the outcome of the recent japan u.s. summit shows the prime minister's strong leadership and negotiating capability. about 80 opponents including a multiparty group of lawmakers held a rally in front of the diet building. >> translator: the government must not sell our country to the united states without a full explanation to our people. many issues remain unresolved. >> people taking part in the rally held sit-
'm catherine kobayashi in rushio. >>> brazil, russia, china and south africa are the brics group and ended a summit in south africa and reached a deal to create a development bank. >> we have decided to enter formal negotiations to establish a new development bank based on our own considerable infrastructure needs. >> they agreed to launch a new mechanism to mutually provide funds and protect themselves against currency crises. until now such arrangements have been run by the united states and other developed countries through the international monetary fund and the world bank. but the economic foundations of western countries have been rocked by the credit crisis in the eurozone and the global financial meltdown triggered by the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. china's new president xi jinping attended the summit and called on other brics members to step up cooperation with african countries. >>> china is increasing its ties with developing nations as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in the international community. nhk world reports from the brics conference on xi jinpi
and helping nations develop infrastructure. but china's eagerness to buy up natural resources has also prompted accusations of an unbalanced relationship. now, authorities in beijing are trying to show that trade is not just a one-way street. nhk mitchataka yamaha reports. >> reporter: the city of yiwu is home to china's largest wholesale market. vendors sell products ranging from clothing to general goods. many products are destined for export. a lot of africans travel here to buy goods. they come from sudan, ethiopia, and about 30 other countries. this ugandan buyer specializes in jewelry. he buys rings and other accessories and sells them across east africa. >> in business you don't say we are making a lot of money. we are progressing in the business. when we come to china and buy things in our country, people like it. that's why we normally come here to buy. >> reporter: trade between china and africa is soaring. chinese authorities say that since 2000 the total value has multiplied 20 times. by last year, it had reached $200 billion. but the trade is clearly balanced in china's fa
on the u.s. mainland at any time. >>> the leaders of japan and china are at odds on territory on the waters between them. they're preparing to attend regional talks likely in may, but china's ambassador in tokyo says a one-on-one between president xi jinping and japanese prime minister shinzo abe would be hard to arrange. >> translator: we're not avoiding high-level talks, but they would not be desirable for both leaders to meet only to end up in this agreement. >> ambassador cheng noted the absence of progress on a dispute over islands in the east china sea. japan controls the senkaku islands. china and taiwan claim them. china's new foreign minister is a former ambassador to japan. ambassador cheng said the appointment is unlikely to lead to an immediate improvement in relations. >>> the u.n. security council sends peacekeepers around the world. now they've added a combat unit to one of those missions. the troops will fight rebel groups in the democratic republic of congo. council members unanimously adopted a resolution to send an intervention brigade to the central african nation. aroun
. xi jinping meant tanzania president jakaya kikwete. china's state-run media reports he spoke about the ties between their countries, which were first established by mao zedong and other chinese leaders. it also reports kikwete said tanzania will firmly back china on important issues concerning its territorial sovereignty. analysts say president xi likely tried to secure support regarding disputed islands in the east china sea, which japan controls, but china and taiwan claim. chinese and tanzanian officials agreed to cooperate in various fields. including investment and infrastructure expansion. president xi will visit the republic of congo and attend the brics summit in south africa. the group of emerging economies includes the host nation, brazil, india, russia and china. >>> xi jinping's nine-day diplomatic tour started off last friday in russia. before he arrived chinese media say government officials secured china's biggest arms deal with russia in a decade. the purchase is worth about $3 billion and is expected to include 24 fighters jets and four submarines. president xi and
story, bullish businesses expand in china in the midst of a slowdown. plus, are rising oil prices a rising threat to consumer spending? and, an offbeat career path that is in shockingly high demand. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's wedneday, march 27th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: the dow does it again. the blue chips skyrocketed more than 100 points to a record close yesterday. today traders will closely track the s&p 500, which is just a couple of points shy of a record session ending. gold added 3 dollars, while oil topped out at a 5-week high during the session. the irs steps it up: tax refunds delayed by a filing error for an education credit may go out in 2 to 4 weeks instead of 6. h&r block reportedly is to blame for some of the mis-filed tax forms. and a fraud alert on medical devices. the goverment is warning patients that physician-owned groups get kickbacks from recommending and pushing medical devices. time now for trader talk, and mark sebastian of options
in china. and talked two possible partners in developing an export bulk facility to try to connect the dots in terms of cargo interest and people with capital investing in the project. i want to that can commissioners adams for attending 10 or 11 days on the road and jim maloney did a fantastic job of organizeing the trip and making our appointments and time well spent. 85 percent of the cargo or in the world is generated in asia and that comes to the oh port of san francisco. it's a huge growing market as everybody well knows and this conference was filled with 5,000 attendees from different ports in the world. >> trip highlights i want to go through them briefly. there were many highlights and the trade show just being one of them, commissioner adams and jim, you have to get up early in the morning with commissioner adams, he works up to two hours before i have my coffee. i had to keep up with him. we talked to a number of different shippers and shipping lines. most of our leading shipping companies had boots there and agent operations and market staff we had a chance to visit wi
, the biggest oil reserves in the world, yet it is having to borrow money from china just to keep its bank balance a float. it is very badly mismanaged economic elite. they think that will give a chance to take on whoever replaces -- economically. they think that will give them a chance to take on whoever replaces chavez. >> when is the actual funeral likely to take place? do we have any idea the moment? >> [laughter] i wish i could tell you that. the vice president has said he will be embalmed so that his body can remain visible for all time, like ho chi minh. that is the plan at the moment. he is going to stay in the military academy for another seven days. then he will be moved to the museum of the revolution, which is in a poorer neighborhood of caracas, so that people will be able to see him for all time in his casket. that is where things get a little funny. there is speculation from the vice president that there will be a funeral, perhaps in his home village. i wish i could tell you for sure. the truth is, tonight, we just don't know. >> thank you so much. the world's major powers
from china just to keep its bank balance a float. it is very badly mismanaged economic elite. they think that will give a chance to take on whoever replaces -- economically. they think that will give them a chance to take on whoever replaces chavez. >> when is the actual funeral likely to take place? do we have any idea the moment? >> [laughter] i wish i could tell you that. the vice president has said he will be embalmed so that his body can remain visible for all time, like ho chi minh. that is the plan at the moment. he is going to stay in the military academy for another seven days. then he will be moved to the museum of the revolution, which is in a poorer neighborhood of caracas, so that people will be able to see him for all time in his casket. that is where things get a little funny. there is speculation from the vice president that there will be a funeral, perhaps in his home village. i wish i could tell you for sure. the truth is, tonight, we just don't know. >> thank you so much. the world's major powers have sent a strong, unanimous message to korea. the message
the bite of spending cuts. they've forced the cancellation of a large-scale combat exercise. >>> a pro-china business group has given up on a plan to buy a major newspaper in taiwan. pressure from taiwanese who oppose media restrictions helped scuttle the deal. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in cyprus are lining up to do something they haven't been able to do for nearly two weeks. the country's banks have reopened to customers under tight security and tight restrictions. they've been closed as cypriot leaders negotiated a bailout package to avert a financial meltdown. people waited for hours outside banks in the capital before they opened at noon. the government has imposed temporary controls to prevent a rush of capital out of the country. people can withdraw a maximum of 300 euros per day. the state must approve transactions with other countries exceeding 5,000 euros. the government plans to impose losses on deposits of more than 100,000 euros. it's trying to raise 5.8 billion euros in collateral to qualify for the bailout. >> 300 is the limit. >> is that enough? >> no. euro's
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in china are waiting to see the outcome of a transition of power that began months ago. members of the ruling communist party gathered last fall to elect a slate of leaders for the political bureau standing committee. now representatives from across the country are about to appoint who will take key positions within the government. two men are set to become the new faces of china and steer the world's second largest economy into the future. xi jinping is already the communist party's general secretary. he's expected to become president. this man will likely take on the role of premiere. he currently holds the second highest position in the politburo committee. the congress will start on tuesday. they will discuss the many problems they face from political corruption to the ning wealth gap to friction within neighboring nations. we'll be giving you insight and analysis all this week in our special series, "china, change and challenge." we report from near the great hall of the people in beijing. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the national
. a different picture today. certainly, there are still those jitters. concern about cyprus and china. we should mention the housing start to climb in the month of february. back to you. dagen: thank you, nicole. connell: highest level close to five years. the economy may be improving. the problem for president obama is his approval rating is not. 47% of americans approving. doug shaw is here to answer that. a record-breaking run last week. you have home production neared the unemployment rate falling. >> first of all, we have dysfunction in washington. we do not have a budget deal. economic growth was tested in the fourth quarter. there is no sign that it is reviving. there really is no revival on main street. connell: is there something politically bad be done? is there something they are not doing right? shouldn't they be better able to take advantage of the perfect stock market and little bit better economic numbers? i think the president is trying to do that now, connell. reaching out to the public senators and paul ryan. we made a deal on the but with newt gingrich. the same thing needs to
that imposes additional sanctions on north korea. this new security council resolution based on a u.s.-china draft includes tough new sanctions intended to impede north korea possibility to develop further its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs. these sanctions include targeting the illicit activities of north korean diplomatic personnel, north korean banking relationships cannot elicit transfers of both cash and new travel restrictions. i think these actions are a step in the right direction, and very much in keeping with the sort of approach that the ranking member, senator corker, and i called in the north korean non- proliferation act of 2013, which the senate passed. i congratulate the administration for pushing thing so effectively at denied the nation's. -- at the united nations. and with a clear goal of north korea's abandonment of its nuclear programs. north korea yesterday make what i considered the absurd threat of a pre-emptive nuclear attack to destroy the strongholds of the aggressors. in response to the action of the united states, china, are seeking at the united
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. 3,000 delegates from across china are hunkered down inside a sprawling and secure complex in beijing. they're discussing the most pressing issues facing the world's second largest economy and deciding who should take up key posts in the next government. the national people's congress is happening at the great hall of the people in the chinese capital. when it's over, it is all but certain these two men will take control of this nation of 1.3 billion. next week congress party secretary xi jinping will be confirm as president and li keqiang should become premier. this week we're taking a closer look at the country they will inherit in our special series "china, change and challenge." james tengan reports for us. the npc has wrapped up its third day and there are indications the incoming government will be different from those of the past. are you seeing any indications? >> reporter: yes, gene, delegates inside the great hall of the people are talking behind closed doors, but elsewhere in beijing we are seeing signs of h
their counterparts. >>> a man with humble roots has taken the reins of power in china. li keqiang climbed to the top rungs of the political ladder even though he came from outside the establishment. now delegates to the national people's congress have voted him in as premier. >> representatives from across china are meeting in beijing. li replaces wen jiabao, premier for the past decade. li currently holds the second highest position in the politburo standing committee. party leader xi jinping took over as president on thursday, replacing hu jintao. li's appointment almost completes the transition of power. congress delegates will approve the cabinet ministers on saturday. li is 57. he served as deputy to wen jiabao. he's long been seen as a rival to xi for top posts. li is from anhui province, a relatively poor area in inland china. he was sent to work in a farming village in his late teens during the turmoil of the cultural revolution. he studied law at prestigious peking university, then joined the party's communist youth league. former president hu was in charge of the league at the time. li fol
very much. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, stories from inside china. we take you to the dash inside the controversial prison system you rarely hear about -- we take controversial priso prison system you rarely hear about. today, it was a diplomatic mission for the pope. cristina kirchner asked the new pope to help with the dispute with britain over the falkland islands. there is no word on how the pope responded to her appeal. we have this report from argentina. with was the first meeting the head of state for -- the heads of state with pope francis. cristina kirchner gave him a traditional, t like drink -- tea-like drink that is often shared among friends. as bishop and president, their relationship was strained. as president and pope, it still seemed awkward. "i've never been kissed by the pope," she said. and she used her press conference to reopen the dialogue on the focalin violence. -- auckland islands -- falkland islands. >> this is a very important issue for all the argentinian people and the president. i asked the pope to mediate so we can reach an --
a luncheon and with one of the biggest importers and china set another meeting with the china national building materials. it's like who you know in china. amazingly these people came to our hotel. they are the largest in the world. we hat a meeting with them and talked about the operations. they said can we come out next month and we are interested in developing a terminal with you. we set up a meeting of this group. i have a picture of them. they are coming to san francisco. as a result of the meeting we didn't expect to have with somebody who happened to know somebody else. it was just staggering. we had a sales call with is aing a force carrier, their general manager from brazil. a lot of the cargo sourced here is coming from shanghai. it we did travel to beijing and do we need to build or not? you got my vote that we do need to build it because we were able to travel to beijing, it was smoother than bart and on time and were there in 2-and-a-half hours. it's a great infrastructure and we should emulate and copy. while in beijing, we had a number of good meetings, the first was w
of the sector don't go far enough. and china unveils its biggest overhaul in 15 years getting rid of the rail industry. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." this morning, ross westgate is away. we also have a one-hour show for the next three weeks because of a troublesome time change in the u.s. which means that we'll do our best to bring you all the news in this tight space. the fourth quarter figures for italy's gdp is just out. contraction of 0.9% on the quarter. that was roughly what was forecast, leaving the year on year levels slightly weaker at minus 2.8% versus minus 2.7% preliminarily. not a pretty set of figures for italy. contraction almost 11%. nevertheless, it is pretty much as expected. you can see not a major move in the euro/dollar there. hans rhettiker pointing out it should be 1.50 for italy. italy's five-star movement says it is ready to leave a government, but the anti-establishment group headed by comedian beppe grillo has once reiterated it is not willing to accept a coa
missile programs. i heard on the news this morning the agreement has been made extensively with china to punish north korea for its missile launching nuclear tests. i hope china will not do what it's done in the past and agree to sanctions and then just erode the sanctions so the sanctions never took hold. i hope china will finally understand the north korean regime is a threat to stability in that region of the world and because as chairman pointed out, north korea is a rogue state, helping countries like syria try to obtain nuclear weapons to collaborate with iran. i want this committee to know that on this issue, there is not a millimeters worth of difference between the chairman and myself. we both view and north korean regime as a threat and one that needs to be contained. i want to tell you the first time we took a trip to north korea was probably eight or nine years ago. one of the first things we noticed in pyongyang for the billboards across the country. one of the billboards still sticks in my mind showed a north korean soldier bayoneting an american soldier in the head in h
, the death of hugo chavez, the keystone pipeline and china's new leaders. we'll start with the keystone pipeline. i'll tell you why it should be built. then i'll have the head of the sierra club tell me why he disagrees. >>> next up, hugo chavez is dead. will his successor continue chavez's antiamerican, antiwestern, anticapitalist ways or is this the beginning of a new venezuela? we have a great panel. >>> also, rand paul is worried about americans killing americans on american soil. i'll explain. >>> first, here's my take. later this year the obama administration will have to make a decision on whether to green light the keystone 350pipeline. i'm sure you've heard all the dire warnings about it, but another way to think about this is to ask, what would happen if the pipeline did not go forward? the department of state released an extremely thorough report that tries to answer just this question, and it concludes basically that the oil from these tar sands would be developed at about the same pace whether there was a pipeline or not. in other words, stopping keystone might make us feel
in the past. but this time, the north koreans have gotten the attention of their ally, china, but not quite how they want to get it. in a remarkable shift, china, which sustains north korea economically, had drafted and then voted last week for u.n. sanctions against pyongyang. for decades beijing saw pyongyang as a natural ally but a senior official told me last wednesday, we are clearly hearing increasing levels of frustration and concern from beijing about north korea. a few weeks ago a senior communist party analyst argued in an op-ed in "the financial times" that china should abandon north korea. now, talk is easier than action. china has never imposed penalties or strictly enforced sanctions against its ally. beijing's reasoning is understandable. we tend to think about north korea through the prism of two issues, nuclear weapons and human rights. but the chinese have a more pressing concern. national collapse. if they were to push the north korean government too hard, they feel, the regime could fall, leaving millions to seek refuge in china. even more important, the end game would b
? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? >> is the year of the snake as china tries to pull off the super hot housing market. investors responded by selling, shanghai composite worst losses since august 2011, so it's asia investment poison or an elixir? ing on the best points in the world to put your money now. as good as gold, or wait, is it silver now? what does it all mean for silver standard resources? the ceo live at the exclusive story on his project. and oil takes another spill, crude futures falling to new lows for the year. should you buy on the dip? "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. liz: good afternoon, everybody, i am liz claman. shaken, but not stirred. u.s. stocks initially off with a disturbing housing news out of china with the government is trying to douse the flames of hot real estate has erased their losses, now trading near the highs of the day. s&p 500 at nearly six points. the dow was the last to turn, moving about 30 points. let's start with the winners. we begin with hess. higher after they said they were getting out of the downturn business. specifi
rise and china outgrows in the top five exporters of military hardware. >> attempts to ban a german far right party, the mpd. >> it appears the german government will not be supporting a legal bid to ban the extreme right mpd party because the case would not hold up in court. >> the free democrats announced they would not stand behind this but stand behind the upper house of parliament. they say the mpd promotes an unconstitutional, racist agenda. >> the vice chancellor says they will not support a bid to ban the right extremist party. he says the free democrats are not convinced that it will hold up in the highest court. >> a ban is not the right way to go about it. >> dave prior government attempt was thrown out in the constitutional court. late last year, the 16 state premiers at signal their support for a fresh bid. this prompted lawmakers to filing a request with the accord. the opposition was frustrated. >> she is being is that as a pawn by the free democrats. that is an insult to all the premiers and ministers will come out in support. >> the lower house remained undecided and a
has warned that the country might encounter an emergency situation with china around the senkaku islands. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. >>> the national inch tult for defense studies has released a port. the report says that on the back of its expanding national power, china is taking action without fearing friction with neighboring countries. an emergency might occur if china continues to invade into japan's territory by sea and air. to stabilize relations it's crucial to promote meetings between the agencies of japan and china. the think tank also says north korea will continue to carry out tests under leader kim jong un. the report says north korea keeps insissing that its nuclear program is to dear united states. it will continue to launch rockets with similar technology. >>> japan will provide over 5.1 billion yen or $540 million to myanmar. this will be the first assistance in 26 years. >>> japanese finance minister promised a lone during his meeting with myanmar president. he hoped the assistance would be available by the end of this
of china today. he now controls the army, the communist party and the state in the world's second largest conomy. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we assess what the change means for china, and the united states and the biggest issues between them: trade, defense and cyber security. >> brown: then, as pope francis embarks on his first full day as pontiff, we examine his roots in argentina. >> woodruff: margaret warner talks to michigan governor rick snyder after he recommended an emergency manager to take over the finances of the troubled city of detroit. >> we've got at least 50 years of this problem growing and a lot of people on good faith in the past have tried to solve it and have been unsuccessful. so the way i view it as is this is all hands on deck. >> brown: spencer michels has the story of the high tech splash of lights transforming san francisco's bay bridge into a work of art. >> it was overwhelming. it was really very, very exciting. it's meant to be open ended, highly subjective so you can just relax, view the pi
the subsidies for energy and steel works in the marketplace because the you know, i tell you something, china is undercutting as the solar panels. why should we be in there, taxpayers, running up against china fundings a lapel initiatives year the united states >> i think we have another idea that we can add to this. we should freeze all the department budgets and here is what we should do. we always talk about waste, fraud command abuse, but it never its customers we should do. free the partner budgets and second you find your own race is by actually cutting waste, fraud , and abuse. guess how quickly the waste, fraud commanderies would be cut if we say, your raises an increase in pay cash is tied to how much you can actually cut out of those budgets and create efficienes. i think if we do that we will see less redundancy, less waste and fraud and abuse and get to a federal government that is sustainable, which we don't have right now. neil: i know if that is easily doable. and remembering how they handle, and security department. ally an amalgamation of all these other various agencies, eve
. >> woodruff: china officially installed its new leader today. xi jinping took the final step in affirming his status, adding the post of president to his other positions of power. the delegates arriving at beijing's great hall of the people had been carefully selected. and once inside, they did just as expected, formally electing xi jinping as president. ( applause ) he was the only candidate, and won 2,952 votes. a lone delegate voted no, and three abstained. >> ( translated ): it meets the popular expectations, and it meets the expectations of the chinese people and the nation. it is a happy ending. >> woodruff: the 59-year-old xi had already been named military and communist party chief in november. now, he will officially lead the most populous country on earth with more than 1.3 billion people. china also boasts the world's second largest economy, after the united states. and it is the second largest foreign holder of u.s. debt, about 7.5% of the total. but the two nations' economic relationship has been marred recently by allegations of widespread cyber-attacks on american targets. >> i
says he has a dream, the china dream, to make china powerful and prosperous once more. he has been on a pr offensive. he comes from a wealthy family. his father was a senior communist leader. the new president wants to show he has the common touch. that he knows the bitter taste of hardship and his dream is to improve life for all. for this man, this was like a naughty as with the emperor. usedwe visited he said he to eat leaves to survive. now the country is rich. the wealth is taken by corrupt officials. there is no official that is not correct in this country. ordinary people earn a few hundred dollars a year. officials take thousands. tyndale will never be rich if corruption is not tackled. >> after the visit, everybody was given oil and rice to eat and a television. there are no jobs in the village. 260children are among the million that have migrated to the cities looking for work. leaving villages that are dying slowly. huge gulf between life in china's villages and cities, between rich and poor. as the leader of this nation for the next decade, xi jinping knows he has to ta
's takafumi terui has the details. >> reporter: this is the first of what will be many trips abroad for china's new president. xi jinping arrived in moscow to an official welcoming. he said before leaving beijing he wants to coordinate policy with russian leaders on global and regional issues. the chinese president met with his counterpart, vladimir putin. his three-day visit will also include a tour of the russian defense ministry. leaders of china and russia take an approach different than the united states on issues related to north korea, syria and iran. all of those nations have close relations with either china or russia. president xi's next stop on his tour is africa. in south africa, he will attend a summit of the brics group of emerging economies, including brazil, india, russia and the host nation. he wants to bring the block closer together so it can exert more influence. in tanzania, in the republic of conga, president xi will work on the natural resources needed to feed china's economic engine. analysts say the chinese leader is being strategic with his first trip abroad. they sa
areas to focus on. china is increasing its ties with developing nations as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in the international community. we have the diplomatic agenda. >> reporter: the merging economy may be scaling back. there are various reasons for this. the financial crisis and the european debt have given emer emerging economies a shared grievance. both programs started in advance nations. emerging economies want tolessen their exposure. the country she has just visited a rich in natural resources. chinese leaders have pursued closer ties with africa in recent years and she is expected to reenforce that strategy. it's not all about business and investment. china is recruiting for strategic reasons. washington says it wants to take up more in asia pacific region. winning for friends will gooive china stronger on the international stage. he's shown he's ready to lead that effort. >> the dow jones industrial average ended down at 14,526. nasdaq managed to close in the positive. to see how stocks are performing this thursday morning let's go to ramin at the to
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